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Technical Support can be reached by filling in the form below and submiting a request for support.
Common technical questions and problems can often be solved by reading our Frequently Asked Support Questions.
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Frequently Asked Support Questions

Q. I can't log into my account, it just keeps returning to the sign in page.

A. This usually indicates a problem with your browser's cookie settings. MontyPics.com requires that cookies are enabled to login.

Q. My Free 30 Day Trial has expired and I sent a PayPal E-Check for the upgraded membership. Montypics still says my account has expired and won't let sign in.

A. PayPal E-Checks usually take about 4 days to clear before PayPal's system notifies Montypics of a complete payment.

Q. The transparent .gif file I uploaded now has a black background. What gives?

A. Montypics.com currently doesn't fully support transparent images. We are working to support transparent images as soon as possible.

Q. The animated .gif file I uploaded lost its animation. What about that?

A. Montypics.com currently doesn't fully support animated .gif files. For now, only the first frame of the animation is uploaded. We are also working to correct that as soon as possible.

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